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June 17-19th, 2022

Judging Dates

June 11-16th, 2022

Sample delivery ends

June 10th, 2022

World Spirits Trophy

PortugalWORLD Trophy 2022: EARLY ENTRY 2022
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WORLD Trophy 2022: EARLY ENTRY 2022

07/04/2022 Put your wine & spirits into the WORLD SPIRITS TROPHY and have them assessed by top wine & spirits buyers.

For domestic and international distilleries looking to gain wider recognition within the worldwide marketplace, the 202w WORLD TROPHY event is a fantastic opportunity to get in front of the industry’s most influential tastemakers.

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All wine & spirits entered will be handled by WORLD TROPHY and organized:

Your wine & spirits will:

– Initially, be tasted blind to determine its quality and drinkability.

– Where appropriate they will also be assessed by variety, style, region, and country.

– Judges will then determine the value score of the spirits based on the quality and its retail price.

– The judges will then be handed the bottle or format for them to be able to assess, in detail, the design, label, and packaging and determine how well that matches up to, or complements the quality of the spirits and its price point. It is how the product is perceived when placed on the spirits shelf among thousands of other wine & spirits brands.

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